Madeline Bret Roseke

“Madeline is one of the most genuine and loyal people I know. She is a light to the OC community and I am thankful to call her a friend,” senior Hannah Goldapp said about Madeline Roseke.

Madeline is a sophomore psychology major at Oklahoma Christian University with a minor in biology. She hopes to one day enter the mission field.

“I’ve worked with kids from lower income families and I know that isn’t a mission trip but it is mission work,” Roseke said. “I definitely want to work with kids.”

There is not a specific place where Roseke would like to travel on the mission field but, she says the Havens is an option that she has thought about.

“I would love to be a part of the HIM program after graduating,” Roseke said.

The student-athlete is on the OC women’s varsity soccer team, which takes dedication and most of her time.

“Soccer is pretty time-consuming,” Roseke said. “It makes me have to be particular in where I spend my time.”

Roseke has also involved in Iota Kappa Phi a social club on OC’s campus and is the youth intern at Edmond Church of Christ.

“Because I have so many commitments, I have to schedule time to hang out with my friends because that is important to me,” Roseke said.

“It’s about being able to be friends with them,” Roseke said. “It is really cool to be in that mentor position and to be able to identify with them. Being an intern is fantastic!”

“She has such a heart for the teens,” OC sophomore Kayla England said. “I really respect that about her.”

“Madeline is extremely dedicated to everything she is involved in and has a deep love for God and for people,” Megan Baxter, a sophomore at OC said.

Roskeke is known on campus as being a friend to everyone. We asked why being a friend to all is important to her and she said that it can be hard sometimes, but it is something that she strives for.

“I think it is good to be consistent with people and to be a breath of fresh air,” Madeline said. “I want to be someone for them to talk to and to be a smiling, friendly face.”

Before leaving OC, Madeline would like to help enhance the soccer program and become more involved in Iota while making new connections with people.

Madeline wants to be remembered as someone who is friendly and approachable.

“Don’t be afraid to be weird,” Roseke said. “I think it is important to embrace who you are.”

“Madeline is one of the people I cherish most in my life,” Baxter said. “The example she sets makes me want to be better, and that’s the kind of friend everyone should have.”

Written by: Erin Hairston