Photo by Sierra Cleverdon


Few juniors in college can say that they’ve created their own video production business or been to Africa, but then again, few juniors in college are Colten Sikes.

“It’s difficult to put into a quote who Colten Sikes is,” said junior Forrest Whiddon. “But it would be hard to find a guy who loves people, Jesus, and his life more than he does.”

Colten is a Communication Design major from York, Nebraska. Although he was originally drawn to Oklahoma Christian by the accepting community and church camps he had attended, his real reason for making it his home was somewhat unconventional.

“It was going to BoBo’s chicken with my friend,” jokingly said Sikes. “That’s what convinced me.”

Since coming to Oklahoma in 2013, Colten has been involved in many different activities. He is currently interning for his second year at the Edmond Church of Christ in Edmond, Okla., he has gone on mission trips, and has also created several videos for events like Earn Your Wings and the True Beauty campaign at Oklahoma Christian University.

“I’ve always loved watching films. I love watching the way other people portray images, maybe images other people can’t always see. That inspires me.”

After following his passion for videography for years and earning quite the name for himself, Colten decided to become slightly more professional than he already was. The result was Keep it Reel, an online portfolio of Colten’s work, that began as a class project.

“Keep It Reel was a fake thing at first,” said Sikes. “But I thought, I’m going to use this, and run with it. So it became a way for me to show my work and filming abilities while making it a little more official.”

Colten would like to eventually use his skills and create a short film, but for the time being, he’s fine doing smaller projects.

“I have three weddings I still have to edit…so that’s in the making. I’ve been wanting to have something that’s huge…something inspirational.”

Colten is also known for his tremendously kind and friendly spirit.

“Whether he’s talking to a stranger or a close friend, he has a way of making you feel important,” said Forrest Whiddon. “His genuineness makes people feel comfortable and wanted around him. I’m blessed to call him my friend.”

“Colten is too good of a man,” said junior Ben McCoy. “He’s the purest guy I know, in the sense of his personality, how he interacts with others and the energy he brings to a room. I know that’s cliché, but I love this guy a lot!”

“I have blessed with incredible friends,” said Colten. “Friends who care about my soul, not just me as a person, but my soul, and my walk with Christ.”

It’s easy to see why Colten was named Person of the Week. His kindness, genuine spirit and heart for God make him a great addition to Oklahoma Christian’s campus. Congratulations, Colten!


(If you would like to visit Colten’s website, please click on the image above or here.)