Harrison Petre is a freshman Political Science major from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Harrison decided to attend Oklahoma Christian partly due to his parents, (Who also came to OC) but also because of his major. “I’ve always been interested in Politics. I think they’re kind of fun,” Petre said.

Outside of participating in campus activities such as Spring Sing and his involvement in the Memorial Road Church of Christ campus ministy, Harrison has really made a name for himself with his biking.

“I’ve been biking since I was a freshman in high school,” Petre said. “I bike about one hundred and fifty miles in a week.” When asked how he had time for such an impressive task, Petre replied, “Sometimes I have to ask myself, ‘Biking or homework?’ Biking usually wins.”

While some bike riders utilize the university’s Eagle Trail or surrounding neighborhoods for their sport, Harrison goes much further than that. He routinely bikes to cities like Jones and Guthrie.

Harrison has also been involved in programs like Let’s Start Talking, which allowed him to go to Thailand. He hopes to go on more mission trips in his time at OC.

“I have never met anyone with a more evident servant’s heart,” said Molly Patterson, a freshman at OC. “He’s always there to make me and everyone else around him laugh and have a better day!”

“He’s the most genuine person I know,” said Rachel Parrett, another freshman. “He’s a loyal friend, and he’s always thinking about everyone else.”

Harrison thanks his parents,  Bob and Dewayna Petre, for all of his success. “They were always there to guide and teach me. But they have also been good about letting me do my own thing.”

Congratulations on being Person of the Week, Harrison! We pray that God blesses you in your time at OC.